Written by Uma Madan

It’s widely known, that volunteering has a meaningful impact on the community, but the act of helping others has a wide range of benefits for the individual too! Investing in the betterment of others, and society has a pleasant backswing.


Here are some reasons you should get involved!

  1. Volunteering helps you gain insight. Helping others allows for both a broader insight to the community as well as a deeper reflective insight. These types of insight allow for emotional growth and a stronger understanding of those around you, provoking higher levels of empathy, and enabling further connection. You’ll also gain different kinds of knowledge being involved in activities that aren’t a usual part of your daily life, picking up new skills and further awareness into both who you are and what you’re able to contribute.
  1. Volunteering allows you to be a part of your community. We all have the tendency to get lost in our own worlds. Volunteering pulls you back out into the lives of those around you and allows you to position yourself as an integral member of the community. Volunteering also provides you with the opportunity to connect with people you may not have otherwise crossed paths with, in a positive arena with a genuine mutual interest. These connections can easily translate into new friendships, new life experiences and new professional contacts.
  1. Volunteering is an added tick to the resume. Employers look favorably on the employee who willingly donates their time to others. Transferrable skills are gained, and an added level of commitment, time management, as well as industry specific skills are acknowledged when a candidate is being considered for an open position.Volunteering can also shed light on career options you may have not previously considered.
  1. Volunteering can improve your health. Volunteering can increase physical activity, which can lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. In addition, the stimulation of the mind and those warm feelings associated with working with both people and animals can ward off loneliness and have a positive result on depression, and other mental health issues. The act of giving to others also provides a sense of accomplishment and an added sense of purpose, which can contribute to a healthy level of self-confidence.
  1. Volunteering makes you HAPPY. Instant gratification can be extremely selfish, but it’s a result we cannot deny. The act of volunteering provides an intrinsic sense of good, and releases high levels of happiness. You can’t walk away from making someone else smile, or knowing the time you’ve spent with, or on someone else will have a positive impact on their lives, and not be ecstatic.

In summation, VOLUNTEER. You will be happier and healthier, all while adding to the betterment of society and the lives of people in your community.

P.S. Don’t forget, Karma, baby!

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