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The NYC Rescue Mission is a safe haven located on Lafayette Street, Manhattan, dedicated to providing meals, shelter, client services and most importantly, hope, to the homeless and hungry neighbors of New York City. The Mission’s holistic approach to serving their guests sees them meet physical needs, as well as addressing deeper social, emotional and spiritual issues.

In addition to their Emergency Shelter, the Mission’s one-year residential Recovery Program incorporates work therapy, relapse prevention, life skills, anger management, physical fitness, and individual counseling. Their Career & Learning Center is an integral part of the Recovery Program, with their Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry, Clothing Closet and Medical Services serving New Yorkers in crisis every day.

To open our Non-Profit Spotlight pieces, we asked Nikki Busch, the Volunteer Manager over at the NYC Rescue Mission, if she could give us an insider’s perspective.



GD: What does the NYC Rescue Mission mean to you?

NB: To me, the Mission is a safe place where anyone can come for a meal, shelter and love. Everything we do is built on a foundation of hope and we genuinely believe that all lives that come through our doors can change. It means so much to me to come here every day and have the opportunity to serve.

GD: How did you get started at the NYC Rescue Mission?

NB: I actually started out spending my time as a volunteer at the Mission. I cared about the work they did and as I spent more time there I built relationships with the Mission staff, and was eventually offered a position.

GD: Can you recount a story during your time at the NYC Rescue Mission that particularly stands out?

NB: We were doing an annual street outreach and met a man who could barely walk because of frostbite. We took him in, got him new clothes, a hot meal and a doctor to look at his feet. The next morning when I saw him he had the biggest smile on his face and was a completely different person. He’d transformed. He had hope in his eyes, and was grateful that we didn’t walk past him. That was the experience that changed my life. I knew my purpose was to be a voice for the homeless and join the fight to end it.

GD: What do you want the world to know about the NYC Rescue Mission?

NB: I want the world to know that when our guests step through our doors they are greeted with love and respect. We want the best for them. This is “our house” and we treat everyone coming in like we would guests in our own homes.

GD: What is your greatest need at the NYC Rescue Mission?

NB: We ask all our friends of the Mission to help us via three “pillars of service”: advocating, volunteering and investing. All three needs go hand-in-hand and are vital to our continuity. Advocacy means being a warrior for the Mission and helping us bridge the gap by interacting through our social media and online campaigns. Volunteering means people using their gifts and giving their time to help us serve our neighbors in need, and to be part of truly life-changing work. Investing means making a financial commitment to support all of the services we provide here at the Mission and help us transform lives.


Check out the NYC Rescue Mission (on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) to learn more about their incredible work serving the hurting and homeless. You can volunteer with the Mission by downloading DEED and join us there on November 2nd from 4:30PM to 7:00PM.

Please also really consider partnering with the Mission on their current crowdfunding campaign (www.youcaring.com/new-york-city-rescue-mission-646835) as they need ongoing financial support to provide their vital services and programs!


  1. I would like to get involved in your organization to help others . Would like to hear all the areas that u are involved with to offering my help.

    Thank u


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