The entire DEED team has been sincerely inspired by the volunteer efforts of our community in the recent months and it has been our pleasure to watch it grow. We want to bring certain members of the community, both volunteers and organizations, to your attention, so you can get a better sense of who we are and what we’re about.

Lauren Singer is one such person, whom we’ve enjoyed getting to know in the context of her work as an environmental activist, blogger and business owner. Singer is the founder of the blog, Trash is for Tossers, which documents her experiences living Waste-Free. Check out this video for a glimpse into how she fit 4 years of trash into a single mason jar. We were very lucky to chat with her recently about her work:

 Trash is for Tossers came first and foremost out of my academic background in environmental science. When I was younger I was really involved with Human Rights causes, volunteered all the time and attended protests regularly. Now, in my work, I’m protesting against a society that’s heavily geared toward waste, and the industries that perpetuate it.

My approach is entirely from an individual standpoint. I am trying to practice individual responsibility. It is not my goal to tell people how to live, but the world is the way it is because individuals are screwing it up. We have to realize our actions are causing the problem and be self-reflective.

A few years ago, before I started this project, I had to take a hard long look at my life and realize that if i want to be someone who combats climate change, it’s going to begin with my individual actions and lifestyle choices. And it’s definitely spreading. When I started there were barely any resources and now there are hundreds of blogs and places to go for info on how to live waste-free. It’s really a matter of baby steps and I so thrilled about helping people get there.

In that spirit, Singer also founded and runs The Simply Co, a website where people can buy products that facilitate a waste-free lifestyle. Her efforts could not be more relevant to our times. A few days ago, Newsweek published an article that discusses a recent study’s findings; namely, that humans have produced 9.1 billion tons of plastic since the material began to be mass-produced in the 1950s. The article provides visuals for this staggering figure: “that’s approximately 25,000 times the weight of the Empire State Building, or 80 million blue whales.” Both shocking and disturbing, this news makes a strong case for the work of people like Singer, whose courage of her convictions is an inspiration to us all.

Stay tuned for more community spotlights in the coming months, and keep up the truly incredible work! We’ll see you at your next Deed.

With love and recyclable TP,

The DEED Team

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