Note From The Founder:

“Just about this time last year, I tried to volunteer for a number of local charities and very quickly became discouraged by the process. Why is it when I want to order food there’s Seamless? Why is that when I want to order a car, it’s as convenient as clicking the Uber app on my phone? All the basic needs of my life – food / transport / even sleep (hello, Casper!) has been made convenient and accessible.

All except giving back to my community. If I want to do something good, I have to jump through hoops. My first thought when I was faced with this predicament? ‘There must be an app for that’. But there wasn’t. So, I made it my mission to create one.

Introducing DEED – an on-demand app that makes volunteering easy, social and fun. We hope you will join us, so that you can do something good TODAY.”


Growing up in both NYC and Tel Aviv, multiculturalism has always been engrained in Deevee’s DNA. Throughout his time at NYU and for many years after, he produced some of the most talked about events and parties around the world. Deevee always wanted to mobilize his highly influential network of tastemakers for the greater good, and in the Spring of 2015 he decided to find ways they could contribute together. He was quickly discouraged by the grueling process. Why is it, that in this day and age, when you can get anything delivered to your door with the tap of a button, that you have to jump through hoops to help your local community? This drove Deevee to launch DEED- the app for empowering people to do good, instantly.