Do I need to have a Facebook account in order to sign-up for DEED?
We currently only offer Facebook verification but are releasing an email log-in option in March 2018.

When is an Android version coming?
An android version of the app is launching in March 2018.

Is DEED only offered in NYC?
Yes, but we will be expanding nationally this year.

Is there a limit to how many DEEDs I can sign-up for?
There is no limit to how many DEEDs you can sign-up for.

How do I recommend volunteer opportunities to my friends?
You can share the opportunities you sign-up for with your friends by inviting them upon confirmation.

Can I organize a private DEED for my company and/or friends?Yes! Please reach out to with any company/group volunteering requests.

How do I add my organization’s opportunities to DEED?
If you are interested in having your organization’s volunteer opportunities featured on DEED, please reach out to

What is the cancellation policy?
Out of respect for our organizations, community and volunteers that are waitlisted, we have a 12-hour cancellation policy. Learn more about our cancellation policy here.